Saving Seoul

Joo Jae Wook is intent on destroying that hotbed of capitalistic meddling, the United States of America, and not afraid of doing anything and everything to make it happen. He figures eliminating Seoul, South Korea, is a small sacrifice to achieve his goal. If only that pesky K-pop band, G5, would stop interrupting his well-devised plan! As long as Joo Jae Wook can take out America, Seoul, and that annoying boy band, it will be a victory well worth all of his efforts. He will be elevated to the status of hero and he can go home with his head held high.

Two years ago Mac was accidentally thrown into the world of K-pop after winning a replacement slot in one of South Korea’s hottest boy bands, G5. Today he only wants to survive his college spring break. Traveling halfway around the world to perform non-stop for a week, is not exactly his idea of a relaxing break, but after avoiding several attempts on his life, Mac and his band brothers must save Seoul to save the world.

“Kpop Summer” and “Saving Seoul,” can be found at most online retailers like Amazon Kindle, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, and Apple iBookstore. All proceeds from these two books go to Water is Life Kenya, a non-profit organization headed by Newark, DE native Joyce Tannian. WILK helps remote villages in Southern Kenya obtain water closer to home. This saves women and children from making long, dangerous treks, often ten miles round trip, to fetch water for their daily use. WILK also trains people to benefit more from their rural farming skills. Water is Life Kenya aims to reduce poverty, death, and disease, improve hygiene, and increase the time women can devote to families and education. They also have an online store that features handicrafts made by Kenyan women. Representatives from Water is Life Kenya are more than happy to come speak to any organization about their work.