After “retiring” from the credit card technology business, L.A. Frank, wrote her first book on a dare from her son. “He had recently watched a television show online called a K-drama (Korean drama), loved it, and told me I had to see it. I liked it, too, and I watched another, and another. The shows were different from any others that I had seen, light comedy and drama, engaging story lines, and usually a happy ending after sixteen or so episodes. I joked with my son that the shows were so predictable that even I could write one. He said, “Why don’t you? I dare you.” At first I laughed, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought I could do it. A whole book seemed daunting, but I came up with an idea and rose to his challenge. I picked a fun subject and included elements that appeal to young adult readers as well as adults. My son was surprised and proud of me when I finished that first book, and I had so much fun writing it that I went ahead and published another! I found that from my home, I can travel to any place in the world through my writing, so, for those first books, why not Seoul, South Korea? It doesn’t matter that the setting is not local, nor even in this country. The characters are real people, plucked from my repertoire of friends and family and plunked down in unusual situations. They exemplify family values and the code of honor between friends. They are human, sometimes arrogant, sometimes humble, and make mistakes, like we all do. From South Korea, I have gone on to travel to other places through my works, as close as D.C, and as far away as the stars of outer space. Imagination has no boundaries.”

L.A. Frank’s books, including her first two published works, K-Pop Summer and Saving Seoul, can be found at most online retailers like Amazon Kindle, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, and Apple iBookstore. All proceeds from these two books go to Water is Life Kenya, a non-profit organization headed by Newark, DE native Joyce Tannian. WILK helps remote villages in Southern Kenya obtain water closer to home. This saves women and children from making long, dangerous treks, often ten miles round trip, to fetch water for their daily use. WILK also trains people to benefit more from their rural farming skills. Water is Life Kenya aims to reduce poverty, death, and disease, improve hygiene, and increase the time women can devote to families and education. They also have an online store that features handicrafts made by Kenyan women. Representatives from Water is Life Kenya are more than happy to come speak to any organization about their work.

“After finishing my first two books, I published them and let people read them for free. I gained a considerable readership from them. Based on this, I decided to start charging a nominal price for the books. If I can do something enjoyable while helping more unfortunate people at the same time, then I’m going to take that opportunity. Everyone can do something fun, as well, by reading one of my books. In making a purchase, you will be helping women, and whole villages in Kenya to live better lives.”