• Time Throne

    Stuck in the middle ages is not where Captain Henry Bronson envisioned he’d be when he joined the navy to see the universes. After crashing onto this time-challenged world, he is desperate to get himself and his band of survivors back up into space where they belong. The people on this world are vermin-infested, meat-eating, wood-burning barbarians, who honestly believe their world is flat. They know nothing of space travel or other worlds, or, especially, how to get off of this one. Henry has no intentions of telling them anything about outer space, but without modern equipment, he has to learn to rely on them. When the power source for the rescue beacon, and his wife, are stolen, Henry fights back using the only things available to him, medieval weaponry, technology, and modern knowledge. He wins the throne and tries to set the people on a path intended to propel them forward in time and out of their medieval hold.

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  • Saving Seoul

    Joo Jae Wook is intent on destroying that hotbed of capitalistic meddling, the United States of America, and not afraid of doing anything and everything to make it happen. He figures eliminating Seoul, South Korea, is a small sacrifice to achieve his goal. If only that pesky K-pop band, G5, would stop interrupting his well-devised plan! As long as Joo Jae Wook can take out America, Seoul, and that annoying boy band, it will be a victory well worth all of his efforts. He will be elevated to the status of hero and he can go home with his head held high.

    Two years ago Mac was accidentally thrown into the world of K-pop after winning a replacement slot in one of South Korea’s hottest boy bands, G5. Today he only wants to survive his college spring break. Traveling halfway around the world to perform non-stop for a week, is not exactly his idea of a relaxing break, but after avoiding several attempts on his life, Mac and his band brothers must save Seoul to save the world.

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  • Kpop Summer

    When visions of boy bands come into his mind, Mac thinks of tight, flashy clothes, “oh baby” songs, and throngs of screaming teens. Ugh. He is accidentally thrown into the world of K-pop after unknowingly auditioning for a replacement slot in one of South Korea’s hottest boy bands. It is far from his dream job, but as long as it pays his college tuition, he can put up with anything for the summer. Better yet, is if his summer job provides a distraction from the childhood tragedy that continues to haunt him, leaving him with little sleep and jeopardizing his relationships with his other band mates and his performances.

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