Kpop Summer

When visions of boy bands come into his mind, Mac thinks of tight, flashy clothes, “oh baby” songs, and throngs of screaming teens. Ugh. He is accidentally thrown into the world of K-pop after unknowingly auditioning for a replacement slot in one of South Korea’s hottest boy bands. It is far from his dream job, but as long as it pays his college tuition, he can put up with anything for the summer. Better yet, is if his summer job provides a distraction from the childhood tragedy that continues to haunt him, leaving him with little sleep and jeopardizing his relationships with his other band mates and his performances.

Surviving the summer-and his Korean band mates-is no easy job for Mac, an American. Band leader Shinwoo has an attitude so cold and elite he’s been nicknamed the “Ice General.” Quoting dead military leaders, he’s merciless in his quest for perfection from himself and all the members, including the new guy, Mac. Leo and Ji Hu are not exactly nice, either, but the worst is Min-Jun, who has set his sights on a solo career and isn’t afraid to sabotage Mac or the band to do it. In the end, Mac learns to conquer his anxieties to make music, make friends, and make peace with the memory of the confidant he lost so many years ago.

“Kpop Summer” and “Saving Seoul,” can be found at most online retailers like Amazon Kindle, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, and Apple iBookstore. All proceeds from these two books go to Water is Life Kenya, a non-profit organization headed by Newark, DE native Joyce Tannian. WILK helps remote villages in Southern Kenya obtain water closer to home. This saves women and children from making long, dangerous treks, often ten miles round trip, to fetch water for their daily use. WILK also trains people to benefit more from their rural farming skills. Water is Life Kenya aims to reduce poverty, death, and disease, improve hygiene, and increase the time women can devote to families and education. They also have an online store that features handicrafts made by Kenyan women. Representatives from Water is Life Kenya are more than happy to come speak to any organization about their work.